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Winery Industry


Jaegar Australia has worked in conjunction with EnolTech, Australia’s leading supplier of Sustainable Winemaking Technologies, to develop a range of innovative winery cleaning
solutions. The Wine Industry Product Range focuses on an industry that appreciates
and demands High Quality products with an awareness of it’s Environmental
Responsibilities. So call our qualified Wine Industry professionals at EnolTech, to discuss your cleaning solutions.


Jaegar Product Code Description
Magnum WC-110 Low foam Potassium Hydroxide based detergent - tartrate and heavy soils remover
SANITEX WC-111 Citric Acid based detergent sanitiser – biocide
S11 WC-112 CIP Sodium detergent to remove tartrate and protein stains
P19 WC-113 CIP Potassium based detergent to remove tartrate and protein stains
STAINAWAY WC-114 Peroxy-alkaline detergent & sanitiser to remove stains & soils in low foam
TARTARISAN WC-115 Peroxyacid Tartaric acid based sanitiser
CITRISAN WC-116 Peroxyacid citric acid based sanitiser
BARREL REVIVE WC-118 Effervescing oxygen treatment for tainted barrels & general barrel hygiene/sanitation


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Enoltech ABN 80 122 290 279

90 Wedgewood Road

Hallam Vic. 3803 Australia

Phone: +613 8786 4300 or 1800 462 380

Fax: +613 8786 4399





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